About Me


My name is Emily Bracken and I am a Production Designer currently based in Cheltenham.

During my time studying Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire I have worked in the art department for a number of short films, most recently the short drama “Everything I Am” which is currently preparing for a 2019 festival run.

Earlier this year “Hail Mary”, a 2018 period piece set in a 1980’s Catholic boarding school, received a place in the Official Selection for the 19th Beverly Hills Film Festival. I was the Costume Designer and Art Director for this short film, for which I made Catholic nun costumes from scratch for exact authenticity.

Another success this year was “Memories of Mother” (2019) winning the Factual category at the RTS West of England awards.

Following my graduation from the University of Gloucestershire in June I am looking for experience in the art department for feature film and television. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for my CV!

Photo by  Tom Moreton .

Photo by Tom Moreton.